Blake Shelton Teases Luke Bryan About Math Skills In ‘Voice’ Bloopers

The Voice YouTube Channel

Best Buds Do The Voice Together

When it was announced that Luke Bryan would be joining The Voice as Blake Shelton‘s team advisor during Season 12, country fans were excited to say the least.

The two best buds and former ACM Awards co-hosts have shared plenty of funny moments together over the years. So when it came time for them to work on The Voice together, viewers knew exactly what they were in store for.

Shelton and Bryan definitely delivered plenty of hilarious moments while they were helping Shelton’s contestants prepare for the battle rounds.

What You Didn’t Catch On TV

But there were a few comical bits between the two that didn’t make it on TV.

Thankfully, The Voice decided to share an outtake reel of some funny bloopers that didn’t make their way into the final cut of the show. Shelton and Bryan have a few moments featured in the clip, including one where Bryan points out something sneaky that Shelton did.

You wrote a bad word on my page. The cameras can’t see this.” Bryan said to Shelton before he turned to the contestants they were coaching. “Can you believe that I flew out here for this?

But as funny as that little moment was, it couldn’t even hold a candle to the one that was featured at the number one spot in the bloopers reel.

Get Ready To Laugh Until It Hurts

The clip shows Bryan trying to offer up a tip to one of the contestants. But as he did so, he got a bit tripped up on some numbers, resulting in a hysterical exchange between him and Shelton.

When a singer does this with a mic, ninety-nine times out of ten…” Bryan said, before Shelton cut him off. “Ninety-nine times out of ten?” he teased.

Bryan attempted to defend himself, saying, “No I said nine times…I almost said ninety percent of the time.

Shelton was clearly amused by the whole exchange. “Interesting math,” he said with a smirk.

Now you need to watch the funny moment unfold in the video below. The clip features a host of other giggle-worthy bloopers, including one time that Shelton was reprimanded for saying a not-so-nice word on TV!

Hope you enjoy the clip…we’re sure it will give you a good laugh!