Blake Vs. Gwen: Who Convinced A Taylor Swift-Singing “Voice” Contestant To Join Their Team?

The Voice / YouTube

Taylor Swift originally included the emotional song “All Too Well” on her 2012 album, Red. In relation to her other records, Red is considered to be the transitional piece between Swift’s early country roots and her later pop success.

Swift eventually re-recorded “All Too Well” and released that recording in 2021. She also recorded a 10-minute version of the song, and released that rendition too.

One Voice hopeful named Cara Brindisi put her own spin on “All Too Well” when she auditioned for Season 22 of the show. She gave the tune more of a country flair, which instantly stuck out to coach Blake Shelton.

He was the first coach to turn his chair for Brindisi’s performance. His wife, Gwen Stefani, wasn’t too far behind.

John Legend and Camila Cabello did not turn their chairs. So Brindisi found herself in the middle of a Blake vs. Gwen showdown.

Cabello threw her weight behind Shelton, because Brindisi said she loves songs that tell stories. Knowing that Shelton likes the same type of music, Cabello felt like he’d be a good fit for Brindisi.

Shelton expanded on those sentiments, saying:

Clearly I heard the country side of you. I heard some twang coming out in your voice, and it was ringing my bell, it really was. And how does somebody who’s a singer-songwriter survive on a show like this? Luckily for you, you also have pipes to compete, and I couldn’t help it…I hear something here that I haven’t heard this entire season, I want this girl on my team.”

After that passionate speech, you’d think Brindisi was a shoo-in to join Team Blake. But not so fast…

When it was Stefani’s turn to make her case, she said:

“Your lane is something that I’m a fan of. I was born in the 70s, I listen to all kinds of singer-songwriters…I love storytelling, I love just putting your heart in a song and being able to relate to something that somebody went through, and then letting the vocal take you there. I don’t think that it matters about genre as much as it matters about heart, and music is the vessel to that. And I would love to work with you…”

Then in a funny moment, Shelton’s alarm rang and interrupted Stefani’s speech. Stefani said, “Blake has to take his medication.” He muttered an apology, saying “Sorry about that.

When it came time for Brindisi to pick her coach, she said she had to go with her gut. And much to her surprise, her gut was telling her to pick Stefani, so she did!

Watch the video below to watch Brindisi sing “All Too Well” and see how she eventually landed on Stefani’s team. Shelton will certainly be watching to steal Brindisi for his own team if he ever gets the opportunity!