Bluegrass Baby Can’t Even Walk, But Dances To His Mom’s Banjo

YouTube / Actionofreedom

Sometimes parents can’t handle a baby crying and just become overwhelmed with everything, but that doesn’t appear to be the case with these two and their (literal) bouncing baby boy!

His mom is a gifted banjo player and his dad is great at holding the camera…but it’s the baby’s skills that have everyone talking!

Mom is just strumming to keep her baby entertained while he’s in the bouncer attached to the ceiling. But after a quick riff on the banjo, his dad says something that sets everything off….

“C’mon….I’ve seen better!” Dad says from behind the camera.

And then his mom steps up her banjo game, playing a wickedly addictive tune, but watch the baby!

This little boy hears this song and stamps his wee little feet so hard, bouncing around back and forth, that he nearly takes off! He’s just loving this banjo music!! And dancing his little heart out!

Truly a heartwarming moment for the whole family!

Watch the full video below!!