Bobby Bones’ Impulsive Dance Move Blindsides Partner In Twist You Have To See

Getty Images / Eric McCandless

The smooth and suave choreography took over the stage last night on Dancing with the Stars. On-air radio personality, Bobby Bones and his partner, Sharna Burgess tributed Frank Sinatra with their “Theme from New York, New York” number. Seducing the crowd one step at a time, Bones decided to surprise the audience with a less than professional ending.

Nashville’s favorite on-air personality, Bobby Bones was invited to dance his heart out on Season 27 of Dancing with the Stars. Australian dancer, Sharna Burgess considered herself lucky to be partnered up with Bones as she had previously dealt with unfit partners in the past. The pair had an enormous amount of support from fans, hoping for them to take home to the gold.

Burgess appeared on stage with her luscious red locks and a petite 50’s-style white and floral dress. Bones followed with sleek white suit and white kicks. The two flew the crowd to the moon as they hit every beat with no facial expression gone unnoticed. The performance felt as though the couple was performing on Broadway as the classic Sinatra tune flooded the room.

Both dancers finished their final number where they planned to meet in unison, but Bones had other plans. As Burgess stepped back, the radio host incorporated his own dance; the floss. The newly popular dance craze which requires flailing one’s arms from side to side while shuffling and shaking your hips. Burgess, in complete shock, watched her partner change their ending. She quickly put her hands over her face in embarrassment as the song faded out.

It wasn’t long before the fans took to social media in disbelief over Bones act.

This morning, (October 2nd) Bones brought up the performance on his own show The Bobby Bones Show. He was quick to defend his actions with what he believed was fair reasoning. The entertainer explained that he found the dance to be somewhat slow. With that, knowing they were going to be the final act he wanted to spice things up.

“I thought, ‘we gotta go out with a bang’… so I flossed.”

After his statement on his show, it’s clear that Bones had no intention of disrespecting his partner and feels remorse for doing so. He admitted that he’s quite the character so it’s not unusual for him to pull a funny stunt like this. Burgess on the other end was more than disappointed. The pair didn’t talk much directly after the show. Although, it wasn’t too long after that Burgess chose to embrace Bones’ plot twist shifting her focus on their next performance.

Watch the performance below and tell us what you think of his “extended” ending.