Bobby Bones Performs ‘Mr. Sandman’ Halloween Dance On DWTS Season 27

Dancing with the Stars / YouTube

Dancing With The Stars Gets Spooky

It just so happens that the typical Dancing with the Stars season lines up with Halloween. Because of this, “Halloween night” has become a staple theme for the show.

The Halloween theme gives the professionals and celebrities the chance to have more creative freedom than ever before. Everyone gets into character, and tries to up the spooky factor for their routines.

Just take Season 21 winner Bindi Irwin’s dance to “Cry Little Sister” by Gerard McMann as a prime example of what Halloween dances often look like.

Bobby Bones Becomes The Sandman

When it came time for the Season 27 contestants to take part in Halloween night, country music radio host Bobby Bones had one of the scariest characters to play.

Bones played “the Sandman,” a mythical being who has the power to put people to sleep by sprinkling magical sand into their eyes. The character of the Sandman was later immortalized in song, the Pat Ballard-penned “Mr. Sandman.

Early versions of the song, especially the famous rendition by The Chordettes and the Four Aces, took on a fairly lighthearted and innocent tone. The same can be said of country singer Emmylou Harris‘ rendition.

But a new rendition of the song by alternative artist SYML portrays the song in a darker, more sinister light. It was this rendition that Bones and his partner, Sharna Burgess, set their Argentine tango to.

Getting Into Character

The routine opens with its focus on Burgess, who is wearing a nightgown and brushing her hair at a vanity. But her quiet night is suddenly interrupted by the Sandman, played by Bones.

Bones pursues Burgess around the floor in an attempt to place his spell on her. His actions and Burgess’ reactions are convincing enough to draw you into the story right away.

On top of being expert storytellers through their dance, Burgess and Bones show off a number of impressive moves. At one point, Bones slides on his knees across the floor…which is no easy feat!

At the end of it all, Bones’ Sandman is finally able to place Burgess’ character under his spell. As the music dwindles away, he stares straight at the camera in victory, and that look is sure to send chills up your spine.

Now that’s getting into character!

Bones and Burgess ended up earning a 22 for their dance, making it their second-highest scoring routine at that point in the competition. He then went on to win his season!

You can catch Bones’ spooky tango by tuning in to the video below.