Bomb Squad Called After Magnet Fisherman Finds WWI Grenade In Michigan River

Toothless Outdoors / Facebook

WWI Grenade Found In Grand Rapids River

Joseph Alexander was magnet fishing in Michigan’s Grand Rapids River on Tuesday (Nov 26th, 2019) when he pulled up a dangerous WWI relic, a German grenade.

He Wasn’t Sure It Was A Grenade When He First Found It

Joseph was on the Sixth Street Bridge when it happened and said at first he felt the magnet click onto something stuck in the mud. When he tugged on the rope a few times it got loose and he excitedly pulled it up.

“I thought it looked like a grenade, but not one I’ve seen before,” Joseph said, according to WoodTV.

Joseph took it home and posted pictures of it to his Facebook page called, Toothless Outdoors, trying to figure out if it was indeed a grenade. People chimed in saying that it was definitely a grenade and he should call the police, so that’s exactly what he did.

Bomb Squad Confirms It’s A WWI Grenade

A policeman arrived at his home who also believed it was a grenade so the officer called the bomb squad to come check it out. The explosive professionals soon arrived and confirmed that it was a German Granatenwerfer grenade from WWI. 

Now curious, Joseph began to ask questions of how it got into the river in the first place. One officer said that someone must have brought it back from the war and when they realized it was illegal they must have thrown it in the river to get rid of it.

It wasn’t long after that media outlets heard about the story and begun reaching out to Joseph. According to his Facebook page, he is expected to do TV interviews soon and we’ll get to learn more. Other than that, he says the grenade is the coolest thing he’s found and plans to keep magnet fishing for more treasures.