Bonner Bolton’s Dream Date Finally Gives Him An Answer


Just days ago, the professional bull rider asked one of his fellow DWTS members out on a date, and she’s just now getting back to him with an answer!

With endless rumors circulating about Bonner Bolton having his eyes on his Dancing With The Stars partner, Sharna Burgess, many people believed he would want to pursue a romantic relationship with her once the season was over – but, in a shocking twist, he revealed his biggest crush was actually on someone else from the show!

While Burgess, and Bolton had intense chemistry on the dance floor, there was no romantic connection – a point that they both made abundantly clear in interviews throughout the season and following being voted off earlier this week.

Burgess, who is already spoken for, opened up about her boyfriend about halfway through the season and confirmed that she was not romantically interested in Bolton – a sentiment he echoed. But while Burgess is already dating someone, Bolton is definitely single and keeping his eyes open.

In a Facebook Live video from last week (May 11th), Bolton explained exactly who he had his eye on – and even asked her out on a date on the video broadcast!

“You know what, I love that girl,” He confessed of fellow DWTS star, Normani Kordei. “She is just so beautiful inside and out, when she walks in the room, the whole room lights up.”

“She is such a sweetheart and [was] an encouragement to me the whole time I was there. She’s obviously the top performer that came on the show, who’s out there killin’ it in her real life every day. I respect her and admire her a whole lot and I really am thankful she asked me to be a part of her number, that was super special.”

Now, just moments after Kordei and her partner, Val Chmerkovskiy, exited the dance floor, she spoke to Entertainment Tonight about Bolton’s sweet request!

“Yes! I will go out with you!” she exclaimed excitedly to the cameras, but Chmerkovskiy had some conditions to add to the date.

“Wait, wait, wait! Not this week because we got things to do this week but maybe a week after that,” Val quipped. “I need an address, where you’re going on a date, what kind of men this is going to be, there’s no drinking involved because she’s not even 21 yet.”

With that, Kordei coyly replied in an attempt to sway Bolton, “I turn 21 at the end of the month!”

This whole “showmance” situation involving Bolton and the fellow cast members has taken quite a twist since rumors began swirling at the beginning of the show – and we are so excited for these two!

What do you think about Bolton and Kordei’s proposed date? Did you see this coming?

Let us know in the comments and check out Normani Kordei’s interview and answer in the video below!