Brad Paisley Performs Unreleased Comedic “Love” Song “First Cousins”

The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

Brad Paisley is more than a great country music singer. He’s also a talented storyteller, an outstanding performer, and a side-splitting comedian.

Unreleased Song

If you’ve attended one of his concerts, you’ll know Brad sometimes even sings some of his newest songs, ones that haven’t even been released. You just never know what will happen.

In an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the three-time Grammy winner surprised the audience with a highly memorable unreleased song about first love.

Remember Your First Love?

While it all sounds like just another premiere of a catchy tune, Brad had a bit more than that in store for the crowd. His unreleased song is about that unforgettable first love and, of course, that first awkward kiss.

The look on the face of host Jimmy Fallon is priceless when Paisley begins singing what could be any country love song, but then the tune takes an unexpected twist!


“First date. First kiss. First taste of lovin’. You were my first…cousin…”

Of course, the audience loves it. Who wouldn’t?

Listen to this hilarious interview and the unreleased song Paisley performs. First of all, you’ll understand why it’s not been released, and too, you’ll want to look up the country star’s Comedy Rodeo¬†on Netflix mentioned in this even funnier promotion for the event.

Ready to roll with laughter and shake your head in disbelief? Listen to this and tell us what you think!