Buffalo Will Spend Christmas In The House With Family

RC Sherron Bridges / Facebook

R.C. and Sherron Bridges from Texas will be spending Christmas day with a 2,500-pound buffalo named Wild Thing. The animal will be in the house eating, watching TV, and enjoying family time just like a human would.

They say Wild Thing has been celebrating Christmas with them every year and this year will be no different. He will be eating Christmas dinner with them at the kitchen table and opening presents with them in the living room by the Christmas tree.

“Wild Thing really enjoys joining us in the house at Christmas – he’s very social with us because we act as his herd. I always get a present for him to play with and I might get him a trash can this year. He absolutely loves knocking them around the yard with his horns,” R.C. told Daily Mail.

Out of all the years that he’s been celebrating Christmas with them he has never knocked over the Christmas decorations or damaged the house. Wild Thing even likes to dress up for the holidays by hanging a wreath and stockings from his horns. He has his own room in the house where he watches TV but they say he’d rather be in the living room with the family.

Watch A Video About Wild Thing Below