Bull Escaped Slaughterhouse & Is Still On The Loose

Suffolk County PD / Twitter

The Suffolk County Police Department shared a couple of photos on Twitter warning the public of a bull that escaped a slaughterhouse and is still on the loose.

Suffolk County PD / Twitter

Authorities said the incident took place at Long Island, New York on Tuesday at 8:20am. The bull allegedly charged through a farm fence in the town of Manorville and began its journey of trying to escape being captured.

Police were notified about the escaped bull and closed down a part of a nearby highway in an attempt to find it. However, they were not successful in doing so and eventually reopened the road.

Suffolk County PD / Twitter

Officials said that they later got a report that it had been spotted in the Mastic and Shirley area on Tuesday, but since then, they still have not been able to locate it. They believe that the bull is somewhere hidden in the woods and asked for anyone who sees it to call them.

“The bull is still loose, and all sightings should be reported to 911,” Suffolk Country PD wrote on Twitter.

Bulls are very dangerous animals and this one weighs 1,500 pounds so if you see it, it’s probably best to call a professional and let them handle it. Take a look at the Suffolk County Police Department’s Twitter post below.