Cam Announces She Is 7 Months Pregnant In Instagram Post

Cam / Instagram

Over the past few years, she has had quite the breakout career. She is responsible for the hits “Burning House,” “Mayday,” and “Diane,” but now, country singer Cam and her husband Adam Weaver are getting ready for their next biggest adventure: parenthood.

In a Instagram video posted on Tuesday morning (October 15), Cam and her husband revealed a secret they said they’d been hiding for seven months – Cam is pregnant!

Seeing as Cam has been active on social media, and has been playing shows during the last seven months, fans were shocked to see that she hid it for so long.

A look back at her Instagram, we did notice her most recent photos and videos either don’t show her stomach, or show her wearing baggier clothes than what we’re used to seeing her in.

“We’ve been keeping a secret to ourselves for the past seven months, but I think it’s time to let you guys in on it,” she said in the video while her husband zoomed out and she showed off her baby bump.

The video was captioned, “S u R p R i S E !! ? little one you are already so loved ?”

Watch the announcement below.