Fishermen Find Bobcat Struggling In Middle Of Lake, Save It With Fishing Net

photo credit: Bob Hereford / Facebook

Bobcat Found In The Middle Of Lake

Brett Hereford was out fishing with his mom and dad on Flathead Lake in Montana when his boat floated into a bobcat trashing around in the water.

The bobcat must have been in the water for a while because it appeared to be exhausted. Not sure what to do about the poor thing Brett figured the only way to save its life and keep his family safe at the same time was to use a fishing net to capture it.

Capturing The Bobcat With Fishing Net

Brett dipped the net down in the water and scooped the little fella up while placing another fishing net over top of the first net to keep it from climbing out. Once they captured it, Brett’s dad, Bob, got on Facebook and started a live video showing it off.

The cat appeared to be growling or purring as Bob said: “Here kitty, kitty, kitty kitty. I think he wants in the boat, but we’re not going to let him” 

The video cuts off leaving everyone wondering what happened next but then we found out in the Facebook comments when people asked, “did you save him,” that they took him to shore and released him.

The bobcat was very fortunate to have floated into the family’s fishing trip expedition; it could have drowned out there by itself. When it was all said and done, it was a happy ending for everyone because both the bobcat and the family made it home safely.