Jeff Dunham Is Going To Be A Grandpa – Daughter Bree Expecting 1st Child

Jeff Dunham / Instagram

For Jeff Dunham, dealing with his many puppets such as Bubba J, Peanut, and Walter is a lot like dealing with children. Thankfully, Jeff has plenty of experience dealing with kids, since he is a father of five.

The ventriloquist and comedian shares three daughters with ex-wife Paige Brown. He adopted her daughter, Bree, and they went on to have daughters Ashlyn and Kenna together.

Jeff filed from divorce from Paige in 2008, and married Audrey Murdick in 2012. The two share twin sons James and Jack.

Now, Jeff’s big family is about to get even bigger…because Bree is pregnant!

Jeff shared the happy news on Instagram on Tuesday (October 15) with a series of pictures of Bree and her husband, Eric. Two pictures show them holding up metallic balloons that say “baby,” while a third picture shows them holding a sonogram photo.

I’m gonna be a GRANDPA!!!” Jeff wrote. “Our entire family is obviously crazily happy and excited that daughter Bree and son-in-law Eric are expecting in April!

This will be Jeff’s first grandchild, so we can understand why he’s so excited!

Jeff couldn’t help but chuckle at the fact that this will also be Audrey’s first grandchild. The thought of her being a grandma is funny to him, since she’s only 39 years old.

…and 4 year old Jack and James will be uncles!” he also remarked.

Jeff said they do not know yet if Bree is expecting a boy or a girl, but teased a gender reveal video to come. “We won’t know if it’s a boy or girl until the reveal party COMING SOON!” he wrote.

Join us in congratulating Jeff and his family on the upcoming arrival of the newest member of their brood! 

Jeff enlisted all three of his daughters to help him out when he competed on Celebrity Family Feud, so you can see them in the video below. They’re beautiful girls!