6-Foot Alligator Sneaks Into Hotel Pool, Bites Woman Before She’s Rescued

photo credit: The Florida Man Report / Facebook

Alligator Lunges Into Pool With Couple

What you’re about to watch is straight out of a horror movie! A couple is enjoying a lovely evening in the pool when an aggressive alligator comes creeping into the water and attacks the girl.

photo credit: The Florida Man Report / Facebook

This terrifying moment was captured by the security cameras of a hotel pool located in Kariba, Zimbabwe. There was a drought according to a local, causing the lake levels to drop and making alligators search for food in other places.

The Story Of Exactly What Happened

The video starts out with the couple relaxing in the pool when you see this six-foot alligator with glowing eyes making its way to the water under the cover of darkness. As soon as it gets to the edge of the pool it lunges into the water and immediately bites the girl who has her back turn towards it.

She quickly spins around and smacks the gator in the head and for a moment it retreats under the water. Her boyfriend tucks tale and scrambles out of the pool. She then attempts to swim away and makes it all the way to the other side of the pool before the gator dashes at her again and bites her in the arm while she’s trying to climb out the pool.

photo credit: The Florida Man Report / Facebook

By this time another dude runs over to help her but the gator lets go and swims off. She climbs out of the pool and safely gets away, then the video cuts off.

The woman was reportedly not seriously injured but the whole experience looked so frightening we can imagine they probably never went back to that hotel again.

Watch The Alligator Attack Below