Tornado Hunter Snaps Photo Of Lightning Striking A Tornado In Kansas During June 2019 Storm

Greg Johnson, / Facebook

A tornado hunter named Greg Johnson was chasing a storm in Kansas in 2019 when he snapped a magnificent photo.

Actually, he is a well-known tornado chaser and shares his adventures with the world on his Facebook page.

In June 2019, Johnson shared a photo from a storm in Kansas, which he calls “one of the best storms of my life.” He caught a lightning strike the middle of a tornado, which he says is “something I have never seen before.”

A few days later, he shared more photos from the storm.

Watch the time lapse video he created of the storm and posted on Facebook. He said, “This is a short time lapse, approx. 110 photos, of the sequence of lightning with the tornado. If you watch closely you can see that the tornado appears to be turning anti-cyclonic (clockwise).”