Caroline Bryan Reveals Her First Impression Of Husband Luke

Jockey / YouTube

Caroline Bryan and Luke Bryan were married on December 8, 2006.

They have two children, 14-year-old Bo and 11-year-old Tate.

They also took in Luke’s nieces and nephew, Jordan, Kris, and Til, after his sister and brother-in-law each passed away.

Thanks to their partnership with Jockey, they have become more “couple goals” than ever before. It’s given fans another inside look at their playful relationship.

They are seemingly the perfect couple, and we’ve always wondered…how did they come to be? Well, they first met in college and after breaking up for a while, they reconnected and the rest is history! But what did Caroline really think of Luke when they first met? She answers this question in a recent interview with Jockey.

Luke told the story of how he saw her walk into the local college bar, Dingus McGee’s, and after talking that night, Luke knew he had to “go after” her.

Caroline describes him as a “big personality with this loud mouth.” She continued, “It took me a couple days to realize that this was a real character. This wasn’t just some drunk college guy, this is how he acts.”

She admits that she did fall in love with that big personality, and she even said I love you first!

Watch the interview below.