Carrie Underwood & Brad Paisley Take Over CMA Awards With Hysterical Opener


Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley overtook their 9th hosting opportunity at the CMA Awards with relentless laughs and unexpected skits that rang true based on today’s current events! The two superstars opened their performance with a comical skit pertaining to the 2016 Presidential election, expressing their frustration through song, of course! After addressing that they have thrown in the towel and no longer cares who wins the presidential seat, the singers broke into a spin-off duet of Randy Travis’ song “Forever And Ever, Amen” to explain the extent of just how long it feels like the political banter has been ensuing! After all, no skit can be complete without the smallest of political references to kick off the night!

Underwood began to establish various groundbreaking artists, slowly transitioning to the congratulations of those nominated for the highly respected 2016 Entertainer Of The Year Award. While the singer herself was in the running for the award, Paisley took the opportunity to also glorify Underwood for her nomination, as well,  and elicit a warm applause to the crowd before announcing, “I love all you guys, but hashtag I’m with Carrie!”

Of course, the night was nowhere near lacking hysterical jokes and nonstop fun poked at celebrities and even audience members. As Underwood addressed her fear that so much country music star power could leave the country music genre vulnerable, Paisley assures her that necessary precautions have been taken to ensure that one lone country music stowaway could carry out the music should anything tragic happen. Casually flooding the venue screens, Billy Ray Cyrus is seen rocking some serious vintage clothing and devouring a bucket of fried chicken! A nervous Underwood states, “Well, it’s great to know the fate of country music is in such good and greasy hands.”

The jokes continued to target various artists using a variety of hilarious “goodies” from a gift basket and even an unexpected Nationwide jingle spin off with the one-and-only Peyton Manning! Needless to say, so much was said and done within the opening alone!

Didn’t catch it? That’s okay because we can fix that! Check out the video below!