Carrie Underwood’s Decades-Inspired Wardrobe Changes At The 2016 CMA Awards

For the past nine years, we have gathered ’round our television sets to watch Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley host the CMA Awards.

Each year has been funnier than the last and each year, Underwood’s wardrobe changes seem to increase! All eyes will be on her this year, as it’s the 50th Anniversary of the CMA Awards and she will be paying tribute to each decade represented in the awards show’s 50 years.

The past few days, she has given us a sneak peek at what each dress will look like and we are so glad the show finally aired because we were not sure how much longer we could last!

Take a look at her six decades-inspired outfits below! She had a total of 12 outfits for the night, but these are only the dresses that are paying homage to each decade.

Carrie’s 1960s-Inspired Outfit

From Underwood’s Instagram sneak peek, she showed just a small piece of her dress. It included a pink and gold flower with a green sequined background.

The entire outfit was flawless! What do you think?


Carrie’s 1970s-Inspired Outfit

Gold fringe, baby! That’s what we saw in the sneak peek for Underwood’s outfit representing the 70s!

Sneak peek at my decade-inspired wardrobe for the #CMAawards50 #70s #fringe #Gold #CarrieByTheDecades

A photo posted by Carrie Underwood (@carrieunderwood) on

The full outfit was stunning and she totally rocked it!

Carrie’s 1980s-Inspired Outfit

For her 80s look, Carrie revealed she will be donning a black sparkled dress with lots of fringe! From the sneak peek, the look was very 80s with a purple and silver embellishment.

Sneak peek at another #CMAawards50 look! It’s the #80s baby! #CarrieByTheDecades #sparkles #fringe

A photo posted by Carrie Underwood (@carrieunderwood) on

What did you think of the entire outfit?

Carrie’s 1990s-Inspired Outfit

Underwood shared a sneak peek of her 90s-inspired outfit and we LOVE that it is red! Our first thought was that it was an homage to Reba’s sexy red dress that had everyone talking in 1993!

It’s time for my #90s dress sneak peek for tomorrow night’s #CMAawards50 #CarrieByTheDecades #reddress

A photo posted by Carrie Underwood (@carrieunderwood) on

After seeing the full outfit, we can confirm that no one can out do Reba’s dress, but Carrie came mighty close!

Carrie’s 2000s-Inspired Outfit

Leopard print was all the rage in the early 2000s, which makes Underwood’s dress for that decade a no brainer!

She pulled off that leopard print dress like no one has before. Move over, Shania!


Carrie’s 2010s-Inspired Outfit

Even though this decade isn’t over yet, Carrie is still paying tribute to it! Her sneak peek showed something that this dress had in common with all the other dresses – fringe!

“The great thing about Country Music fashion is that fringe works in any era,” she wrote on Instagram.

She looked drop dead gorgeous in every dress, but which one was your favorite? Sound off in the comments!

Take a look at every look in her Facebook post below.