Here’s Why Blake Shelton Bailed On The CMAs

Credit: WZYK/YouTube

With ex-wife Miranda Lambert showing up in style with her new boyfriend, and all of his friends dressed to the nines, many people were shocked to find out that country crooner Blake Shelton refused to come out for one of the biggest nights in country music.

Having been involved in the ACM’s and CMA’s for years and years, it really caught people off guard when they didn’t see Shelton appear for the 50th Annual CMA Awards in Nashville on Nov. 2nd, and even just a few short days before he had started a buzz about the possibility of him bailing.

Fans were outraged over false reports of his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, being the cause for his absence, but in reality it looks like she probably had nothing to do with it – in fact, he probably wasn’t even with her during that time.

On Halloween Shelton revealed on Twitter that he would be spending the entire week somewhere far, far, away from the CMAs and Nashville.

One week of this…NOTHING but this. I’m okay with that…” Shelton wrote.

While many people thought he might actually break his plans and stop by the event, as it turns out he was nowhere to be seen during the entire evening…and nobody really talked about it.

But what was Blake Shelton REALLY doing instead of attending the CMAs?

As it turns out, in the photo Shelton uploaded with the above caption, he was spending the whole week in a tree – likely somewhere near his 1,200-acre Oklahoma ranch.

He was stuck up a tree in a tall hunting blind spending some much-needed time off with nature and decked out in camouflage head-to-toe! While many people may have chastised Shelton for this choice, this is one of his favorite activities beyond making music and this decision fits well within his personality!

Check out his full photo from Twitter below and be sure to watch the video that shows his awesome bowhunting skills below!