Ellen DeGeneres & Adam Levine Give Guests The Scare Of Their Life With Hysterical Prank


Notorious prankster Ellen DeGeneres lives for scaring people. The talk show host often goes to great lengths to scare her guests for the delight of her audience. DeGeneres decided it was time to turn the tables on her audience, inviting guest Adam Levine to join her in the ultimate series of scare pranks on her unsuspecting audience members.

“I love scaring my guests. I love scaring my audience and today before the show I got a few of you,” says DeGeneres. “I hid in the bathroom…with Adam Levine.”

In a hysterical series of pranks the two hid in a bathroom stall equipped with scary masks, blow-horns, cymbals, and silly string to greet the audience bathroom goers with. Victims would run and scream away until the pranksters revealed themselves. The select few they scared had a good sense of humour about it all, one even crying out excitedly, “I always wanted to be scared by you!”

Bet the rest of the audience wish they had needed to go to the bathroom! You can watch the hysterical prank in the video below and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!