Carrie Underwood Just Won Christmas With Her Epic Ugly Sweater

Carrie Underwood Instagram

Every year at Christmas time, people go digging through their closets in an attempt to “out ugly” one another. Sounds like an odd tradition, but it’s become some people’s favorite part of the Christmas season.

Ugly Christmas sweaters have always been around, but they were typically unwanted gifts that you got from your grandma or weird great aunt that lives across the country. Only in recent years have ugly Christmas sweaters been fully embraced as a fun part of the Christmas season. When Christmas comes around people don the ugliest sweaters they can find in celebration. There are even full-out ugly sweater-themed parties!

Many retailers have caught on to the ugly sweater trend, and offer a wide selection of them to customers during the Christmas shopping season. Even sports teams have jumped on board with the whole thing, including the Nashville Predators hockey team.

Country fans out there are quite familiar with the Predators, and not only because they’re from Nashville. Rather, many country fans are able to connect the Predators to Carrie Underwood, since her husband, Mike Fisher, is on the team.

Now that Underwood is back from her time on tour in Australia and New Zealand with Keith Urban, she’s been enjoying some time at home with her hubby…which includes supporting him at his hockey games!

The Predators had a game on Thursday night (December 22), and Underwood was happy to show up and cheer on her man. She made sure to do so in style, donning a festive Christmas outfit for the occasion. That’s right, you guessed it. Underwood showed up wearing an ugly Christmas sweater to the game!

But Underwood didn’t wear just any ugly Christmas sweater. Rather, an “impulse buy” led to her becoming the proud new owner of a “Smashville” Predators-themed ugly Christmas sweater.

Underwood shared a photo of herself in the sweater on her Instagram, writing that even though the Predators didn’t win their game her “ugly sweater game” was as strong as could be. We have to agree with her, because it looks like her sweater actually lights up around the letters at the top of the design.

Underwood later shared another photo that showed what her entire sweater looks like. The front of the sweater has a hockey ice rink design on it with the Predators’ logo in the center. Other than looking awesome, the sweater also appears to be incredibly comfortable. It looks like it has a loose, baggy fit and long sleeves, perfect for lounging around in at home. Or in Underwood’s case, perfect for wearing out to support your hockey player hubby!

We also hope that the sweater is easy for Underwood to wash, because that would make it the best sweater ever! No one wants to deal with a dirty sweater, or any “Dirty Laundry,” as Underwood sings about in her latest single. Check out that song’s music video below!