Carrie Underwood Relives The Scalding Pain Of Being Bullied


The chart-topping country icon opens up about how the hate and misery of others turned them into bullies and impacted her life – especially in the early days of her career.

It’s a terribly sad day to find out that anyone is being bullied, and is something we desperately need to change about our society, but as Carrie Underwood learned, being in the spotlight only amplifies other’s attacks and opens more doors for them to bully.

And that’s exactly what happened to her.

In a recent interview with Extra, the talented songstress (and queen of the country charts) opened up about how cruel people could be, and the affect that had on her.

During her rise to fame and superstardom, Underwood opened up about how people are incredibly critical of you and will pick you apart for things they find “wrong” with you. In this case, Underwood was tormented over her weight.

“It was definitely an introduction into being in the public eye, but it was also… a catalyst for me to say, ‘Okay, I’m not making some healthy choices and maybe I can do more of that, not for those people but for me.’”

And Underwood isn’t the only star that’s endured ridicule and torment over their weight. Fellow American Idol finalist and country star, Lauren Alaina told the Rolling Stone that people used to rip her to pieces over her weight and, in her case, it lead to an eating disorder that she’s now overcome.

“As a 15, 16-year-old girl, someone messaging you on Facebook and telling you you’re fat is devastating,” Alaina told the publication. “It’s still devastating when someone says something horrible about me, but I love myself so much more as a person.”

Underwood also added that once she had begun to choose better options for her life, as a part of working toward he own goals, she realized she had turned something negative in her life – into a very positive experience.

Watch the Extra interview below and let us know what you think!