Carrie Underwood Reveals True Feelings On Beyonce Crashing CMAs

Reuters pic (Left)/(Right) ABC

It was a bold move that utterly shocked once eager fans, sending some into a whirlwind of emotions and even threatening to boycott the 50th CMA Awards. Just hours before the highly anticipated event, word of pop superstar Beyonce’s duet with country music trio The Dixie Chicks spread like wildfire through social media outlets and even from a co-host himself, Brad Paisley. Paisley took to his Twitter saying, “Frequently, country crosses over. But every now & then a major pop superstar wants to be a part of this too. Welcome, Beyoncé.” 

Unfortunately, the monumental show’s ratings were the lowest they’ve ever been, shedding blame to the competition of the highly viewed final World Series that aired directly in conjunction with the CMAs, as well as their last minute guest performance that outraged fans.

Co-host of that Carrie Underwood talked to Rolling Stone on the matter and expressed her feelings on the collaboration, admitting that even she was unaware of Beyonce’s performance until the day of the show!

“It was all very hush-hush. We’d be reading our scripts and were like, ‘Who is this TBD performance in our scripts?'” She continued, There are so many different artists that are influenced by so many different people that are contributing to that. And we’re all out there busting our butts on tour and meeting people all over the world along the way. I think having more people that don’t even necessarily listen to country music tune in, that just shows how great the music is.” 

Of course she was asked about her sensational “Dirty Laundry” performance that screamed “girl power”, expressing,

“We really just wanted to have a lot of women onstage.Gorgeous, strong, talented, amazing women. Because I feel like our country format could use some more, so let’s bring them all up on stage at one time.” 

Do y’all agree with Underwood?