Carrie Underwood Shares Photo Of Husband’s Birthday Cake & It Looks Too Good To Eat

Jeff Kravitz / Contributor / Getty Images

If you’ve been following Carrie Underwood on Instagram for a while, then you know what her go-to bakery is. Every time a special event comes up in her life, it seems that Carrie celebrates with a cake from the Ivey Cake Store in Brentwood, Tennessee.

Every single one of Carrie’s son Isaiah’s birthday cakes have been made by the Ivey Cake Store. While all of them have been adorable as can be, his birthday cake for this year was probably the most elaborate.

The cake’s design was inspired by one of Isaiah’s favorite shows, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

As cute as that cake is, the folks at the Ivey Cake Store are just as good at making creepy cakes. For Carrie’s birthday in 2017, they crafted a special cake for her inspired by one of her favorite shows, The Walking Dead.

Just check out the detail on this thing!

Even Carrie’s husband, now-retired hockey player Mike Fisher has been treated to his own special Ivey Cake Store birthday cakes. While his cakes haven’t been designed after his favorite television shows, they have been inspired by some of his favorite hobbies.

Back in 2016, Ivey Cake Store crafted a small, but impressive-looking cake shaped like a deer head for Mike. For those who don’t know, Mike enjoys hunting, and has his own hunting apparel company called Catchin’ Deers.

So when Mike’s birthday rolled around this year, it only made sense to have his cake continue the Catchin’ Deers theme. This time the folks at Ivey Cake Store took the theme literally, and designed a cake for Mike that resembles one of the brand’s original hats.

Carrie shared a photo of the hat cake on Instagram. While it may seem underwhelming in comparison to say, Isaiah’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake, you can’t deny how cool it is.

In fact, if you didn’t know any better, at just a quick glance you may assume that the cake was an actual hat!

That almost looks too neat to eat! But we’re sure it was just as good to eat as it was to look at.

In addition to celebrating his birthday, Mike has recently been testing out his singing chops. And not just on any old song either, but on Carrie’s current single “Cry Pretty.” Carrie captured the priceless moment that he tried to sing along to the song in the car, and the video has been watched nearly two million times.

The sweetest part of the whole thing? Isaiah’s giggles in the background. They’re even sweeter than birthday cake!