Carrie Underwood Sings Explosivly Empowering Hit That All Women Must Hear

carrieunderwoodVEVO YouTube Channel

Country music’s sweetheart Carrie Underwood has been maintaining her “Good Girl” image, despite her heavy hits about revenge and waking up with an unexpected ring and no recollection of the man you married. However, Underwood’s hardcore hits tend to share the same message: girl power! Whether it’s her widely-loved hit “Cowboy Casanova” or her badass cheating anthem “Before He Cheats”, Underwood’s music has continued to reassure women they should be valued by others, as well as themselves.

Underwood recently treated fans to a throwback performance previously given on the coveted stage of the Grand Ole Opry. The blonde bombshell took the proud moment to perform her inspirational song “Nobody Ever Told You” and give her female audience the hard, musical truth they’ve been waiting for. The song, opening with the lines “Take off all the makeup, girl/ Shine your light, show the world/ Don’t be shy, don’t be scared/ You don’t have to hide under there,” sent audience members the under-appreciated message that the most beautiful thing you can be is yourself, flaws and all.

The singer continues to encourage confidence and reassure her audience that, “All hung up on the negative/ Doesn’t have to be the way it is/ Wish you could see yourself the way I do,” amidst a wide and genuine grin. Her encouraging performance is complete with an incredible applause and humble “Thank you very much” from the singer!

You can watch her performance below and tell us what you think of the uplifting beat!