Carrie Underwood Suffers Neck Injury

Carrie Underwood / Instagram

Carrie Underwood is recovering from an injury that left her unable to exercise for several days.

Underwood shared the news of her injury on her fitness app fit52. She launched the app in March 2020 in coordination with the release of her book, Find Your Path: Honor Your Body, Fuel Your Soul, and Get Strong with the Fit52 Life.

One of the biggest appeals of fit52 is that users chance to hear updates from Underwood on her own fitness journey. That’s how she chose to let fans know she was recently sidelined due to an injury that needed some rest and tending to.

In a January 29 posting on the app later shared by a fan page on Instagram, Underwood revealed she injured her neck a few days prior.Been out a few days w/a neck injury,” Underwood wrote in the post.

She said the injury kept her from working out for a while. She was finally ready to get back in the gym that day, though she knew her exercise routine needed a few changes to accommodate her neck.

Slowly stepping back in w/ swaps & modifications,” Underwood said. Her message was posted alongside a makeup-free photo of her smiling in her gym with her hair styled in braids.

See the photo and Underwood’s message about her injury below.

The following day (January 30), Underwood shared an update on her recovery. Posting on the fit52 app, she said, “Still recovering/modifying…but I’m here and doing the best I can! Gonna walk for some extra credit!

Her message was once again accompanied by a selfie of her in the gym. See that update below.

We’ll be praying Underwood continues to feel better and that her neck heals completely!