Dolly Parton Shares Childhood Story & Recipe For “Stone Soup”

Hallmark Channel / YouTube

Dolly Parton stopped by the Hallmark Channel’s talk show, Home & Family, to share a touching childhood story and a legendary recipe. 

There is a European folk story behind a recipe called “stone soup,” which teaches the value of sharing. Parton has her own tale about the dish, which her mother used to make for the country star and her siblings.


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“Mom used to tell us when we really didn’t have too much to eat in our house…She would send us all out in the yard. She said ‘Go get me a real rock,'” Parton recalled during the interview. 

Parton’s mother would pick a stone for the soup based on which child needed their mood lifted at the time. Parton explained that the gesture was special since the siblings felt that they helped “feed the family that day.” According to legend, the stone is also what makes the soup taste so good.

Hallmark Channel / YouTube

Of course, Parton could not tell the story and not show off how to make the soup! While Parton chatted about her family’s farm, she added a mixture of fresh ingredients into a large pot. At the end of the segment, everyone shared a bowl of the hardy meal.

Watch Parton share her personal story and the delicious soup recipe in the full video below!