Carrie Underwood’s Son Has Adorable Reaction After Spotting Her On TV

Carrie Underwood / Facebook

Carrie Underwood had the night of her life during the CMA Awards ceremony. Hosting alongside Brad Paisley, Carrie looked stunning as ever with her baby bump proudly showing. But the next day she posted the sweetest image of Isaiah that even she said was “just too cute not to share!”

She Hosted The Entire Evening

Along with her trusty companion, Brad Paisley – Carrie hosted the entire event. True to their nature, the night was full of jokes, parodies and…well, whatever Brad’s “Carrie jacket” was.

Her Heartfelt Performance Brought Tears To Everyone’s Eyes

During the night, Carrie performed one of the most beautiful performances of her “Love Wins” song. The audience was on their feet, following along with her every movement. When she raised her hands above her head in the shape of a heart at the end of the song, you could just feel the love flowing throughout the entire venue.

She’s A True Winner

On top of hosting the whole event and giving a touching performance – Carrie was nominated for a very prestigious award. Female Vocalist of the Year is given to one of the hard-working women in county music that embodies what it is all about. With her kind heart, beautiful voice, and her recent star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Carrie truly deserved to win – and she did just that!

Always A Mother

The next day, Carrie posted a heartwarming post full of “thank yous” and humble messages to her fans and all those who have supported her along the way.

She told social media, “Last night was a dream…one I’m still doing my best to not wake up from. Today (and every day) I am thankful for all those in my world who make this life happen! Thank you, fans, for the constant support and encouragement. YOU give all of us these amazing opportunities to do what we love. I hope I made you proud last night!”

Alongside her kind words was a slideshow of pictures from the night – including one very special photo at the end. Look below to see an adorable Isaiah cheering his mommy on from the comfort of home. Even Carrie admitted that “The last pic was just too cute not to share!”[0]=68.ARBsfFFIs9R1P7HWcxWRL-MDmJFEDs1ugF4i1B47fzyfloxMTZX-nnB8sMmaIQwfatvZJJ3xOF569pvR87jAcnKdLDrwr1QnE9XYkR8-Dw3zYpHA7ZLaWxrkaLILZbsnwC596Uf2bLrtrWAELp1SKZX96O8DwxFBKqnA6HoXIkCKKPDqU3ztgD1GBbQ9imrDoaBS0-pRhPEAh3pbz9psA8KN2dVf2s4YMQXfVal0RReRzVsoq1N2MLZnA4AxDXlYob2I4h7wbryB5Gm3jzPNqJwnimi_yp4ZJ8WXgta5T7Z_NQbJ4TT5AShnBzssLtQfTigLxd6oY5EuDkc&__tn__=-R

Carrie Underwood / Facebook

There Is One More On The Way!

And let’s not forget that Isaiah is about to get a sibling soon! During last nights CMAs, everyone was excited to see if Carrie would slip up on if he’d be getting a brother or sister. You can watch Brad go wild when she finally reveals what it is going to be in the video below…