Carrie Underwood’s Son Shows Off New Talent

Mike Fisher / Instagram

Like father, like son! This country superstar’s son and her husband both love the outdoors and wildlife, but dad’s new business venture focuses most on hunting and fishing – so, naturally, he’s teaching both those things to their child!

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher first welcomed little Isaiah (or Izzy as they call him) into the world in 2015. Now that he’s just turned three, he’s getting to experience more and more unique things – like fishing with dad!

Both Underwood and Fisher like to give Izzy the best experiences in life and they’re doing a great job! He is blessed to have parents that are able to spend great amounts of time with him and show him the world from a unique point of view.

Now that Fisher’s hockey season is over and he’s chosen to retire from the NHL, he’s able to do even more things with this son – and just recently, he taught him how to call wild turkeys!

Fisher’s side business is a joint-venture with his brother called Catchin’ Deers. It’s both an apparel line focused on hunting humor and also a video series that covers many unique aspects of hunting, often with a humorous twist.

Posting a video to Instagram, Fisher caught little Izzy using the bird call he’d taught him to use – and getting a response from a nested group of wild turkeys! The reaction on Izzy’s face is completely priceless – and Fisher called this a “proud dad moment.”

Check out Mike and Izzy’s turkey calling skills below and let us know what kind of outdoor activities you share with your kids!