Casi Joy Earns 4 Chair Turn Singing LeAnn Rimes’ “Blue” For 2017 Audition

E! News

If we didn’t know any better, we would think that LeAnn Rimes snuck onto The Voice set to audition with her own 1996 hit song “Blue.”

Singer Casi Joy came out guns blazing, belting out the famous yodel part of “Blue,” which inspired coach Gwen Stefani to push her button almost immediately. Alicia Keys quickly followed suit.

By the end of her audition, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine turned their chairs, which means all four coaches had to battle for this incredible artist to be on their team.

Levine, after telling Joy he’d do cartwheels to have her on his team, walked away to sit on the stairs and sulk because he knew that with her country background, she’d automatically pick Shelton. Stefani asked him to sit with her to feel better, but he jokingly responded, “I just need to be left alone right now!”

Once Joy revealed she is also interested in making rock and pop music as well as country, Levine hilariously asked if he could retract his previous statements.

Shelton took advantage of his knowledge of the history of the song he called an “instant classic,” which was originally written and released by Bill Mack in 1958.

“What you did to this room and all four of us coaches is the same thing that happened when LeAnn Rimes came out with that song,” he said to her. “Somebody yodels? The fact that you have already mastered that, I am not giving up until Casi is on my team because this is meant to freaking be. It is!”

Keys begged her to focus on “the two newer, fresher, more exciting women” on the show, referring to herself and Stefani. She said it would be unconventional and shocking to the world if they teamed up, but it would be incredible. She also told Casi that she’d understand if they weren’t a perfect match, but if she wasn’t going to join Team Alicia, she urged her to join Team Gwen, because she’d get two coaches for the price of one thanks to Shelton and Stefani’s relationship.

Each coach put everything out there to convince the bubbly redhead to pick them, but ultimately, she could only pick one coach, and that coach was Blake Shelton!

Watch her incredible audition in the video below.