Cat Falls From Balcony Onto Man’s Head & Knocks Him Out

Sorphea Peou / YouTube

A cat fell on an elderly man’s head knocking him unconscious as shown in a recent video published on August 15th, 2020.

The man, identified as Gao Fenghua, was walking his dog around his neighborhood of Harbin, China when the cat fell out of the sky and hit him on his head. Gao instantly fainted to the ground. The cat was allegedly sitting on a balcony of the apartment building the man and his dog were walking past.

Sorphea Peou / YouTube

The scene looked frightening because the man did not move at all for several minutes. His dog was surprised seeing his owner laying on the ground like this. After a few seconds trying to understand what happened, the dog saw the cat and proceeded to walk over to it.

The dog somehow made a direct link with what happened and held the cat responsible for his owner’s condition. The dog tried to engage and block the cat, but the cat defended itself and smacked at him.

Sorphea Peou / YouTube

According to The Sun, Gao Fenghua stayed in the hospital for 23 days for neck injuries. He is still undergoing physiotherapy treatment. Gao is also forced to wear a neck brace. Gao’s family and the cat owner are trying to reach a financial settlement as compensation for the accident.

Watch The Video Below Of The Cat Falling On The Elderly Man’s Skull