Country Radio Host Helps Raise $20,000 For Wounded Marine

Since he made it big, country radio host Bobby Bones never misses a chance to give back in any way, shape or form. Every year during the first week of March, he and his morning show co-hosts put on something called Joy Week. Artists from all over are invited to perform live on the radio […] More

The 5 Best Dolly Parton Duets You’ll Ever Hear

Throughout the 52 years she’s been sweetly serenading us with her chart-topping hits and magical songwriting, Dolly Parton has done more memorable duets with varying artists than many of her female colleagues. Most notably, her duetting alongside fellow country legends, Kenny Rogers and Porter Wagoner, brought her incredible success with not only records, but with […] More

Country Star Mourns Tragic Death Of Beloved Friend

It’s never easy to lose someone so close that you’ve shared so much with, but sometimes the Lord has a different plan for us. Kimberly Schlapman, one of four members that comprise the country band Little Big Town – most notable for hits like “Girl Crush”, “Pontoon”, and “Boondocks”, just suffered a terrible loss that […] More

These 5+ Hysterical Luke Bryan Moments Will Have You Rolling On The Floor

Throughout his career spanning more than 10 years, the country star has had his fair share of hilarious moments, outtakes, bumbles, bloopers, and straight up “oopsie” moments. Most famously, Luke Bryan has had a seemingly endless number of stage falls and hilarious blunders on the red carpet and we’ve been sure to include some highlights […] More

A Platinum Champion: Linda Ronstadt’s ‘Blue Bayou’ Uprising

Conquering the charts with this timeless song, this incredibly talented artist stole the hearts of many when her version of “Blue Bayou” hit the radio waves. Linda Ronstadt recording at Muscle Shoals in Alabama, c. 1970 — Amelia412 (@Amelia10412) January 27, 2019 For nearly 50 years, Linda Ronstadt graced us with her unmatched vocal […] More

Blake Shelton Amazes Fans With Iconic Billy Joel Cover

Taking the stage at a Florida venue, the country star brought tears of joy to many fans faces when he started strumming up some classic American hits! can @blakeshelton be the poster boy for #nationalhatday? — Ole Red Nashville (@OleRedNashville) January 15, 2019 During a 2013 concert at the Dixie Roadhouse in Cape Coral, […] More

Cancer-Stricken Fan Bravely Takes Wig Off For Kenny Chesney

In one of the most empowering moments captured on video, a young woman diagnosed with cancer braves a massive crowd and goes on stage alongside Kenny Chesney – without her wig! View this post on Instagram You're so badass & I'm lucky to be your best friend. Kickin cancers ass & lookin flawless while doin it […] More

These Top 5 Hee Haw Moments Will Have You Wishing For The Past

For more than 20 years, fans were able to tune in and watch hosts Buck Owens and Roy Clark break out in hilarious sketches, strum a little ditty, and welcome famous country music performers to their stage for one-of-a-kind performances. Many of the talented performers to grace television screens across America went on to become massively […] More