Korie & Willie Robertson Talk About Racism With Their 6 Kids

Willie Robertson / Facebook, Korie Robertson / Instagram

In their brand-new show on Facebook Watch, At Home with the Robertsons, Korie and Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame invite people over to their home to speak with them about important topics. They also teach their guests about something they do on a daily basis.

The first episode premiered on April 5, where they spoke about racism with Love and Hip Hop‘s Yandy and Mendeecees Harris and their own son, Will Jr.

The second episode centered around their adopted daughter Rebecca, who is from Taiwan. The rise of racism toward Asian Americans since the COVID pandemic hit America has risen exponentially. Rebecca and her young son, Zane, have experienced this first hand.

Korie and Willie are parents to six children, three biological – John Luke, Sadie, and Bella – and three adopted – Rebecca, Will Jr, and Rowdy – and they were all part of the conversation.

Rebecca told a story of when one of her husband John Reed’s acquaintances came up to him towards the beginning of the pandemic and said how lucky he was that he could just send his wife and son to the grocery store to get toilet paper because people will stay away from them due to their race.

“He thought that was a funny joke, but it really wasn’t funny, because first of all, we’re not Chinese,” she said. “I think that’s just..people being ignorant and they don’t think that’s racist.”

The entire Robertson family was shocked to hear of this exchange and John Reed explained that was exactly why they consider him an acquaintance rather than a friend.

Rebecca’s siblings all spoke and thanked Rebecca for opening up to them about her experiences, and let her know how much they love her and how she makes them be better people.

Korie wanted to make one thing clear: “We’re all family exactly the same, whether you like like me and Dad or you don’t.

Watch the full episode below.