Charlie Daniels Joins Montgomery Gentry For Rebellious “All Night Long”

YouTube / montgomerygentryVEVO

What could be better than one of the biggest names in country music and Southern rock teaming up with our favorite hard-rocking duo? Not much!

Appearing on Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry’s debut album, Tattoos & Scars, famed “Devil Went Down to Georgia” singer and classic country musician, Charlie Daniels, makes a powerful appearance on their rowdy party anthem, “All Night Long”.

Montgomery Gentry have long been known for their music that stays true to their roots, bringing faith, family, freedom, and one helluva good time together on every album. These two have quite a few iconic jams that are sure to get your feet moving and this 1999 release is one of them!

In the track, Eddie and Troy launch into this raucous anthem about rocking out “’til the cows come home” and finding their way to the dance floor before finding themselves in some trouble after being out ‘all night long’.

For any true country music fan, this iconic collaboration between Daniels and Montgomery Gentry is the perfect addition to your throwback playlist and one that you need to see to believe!

Check out Eddie, Troy, and Charlie Daniels jamming out in the video below!