Chevel Shepherd Reveals How She Plans To Spend $100,000 Win

Getty Images / NBC / Contributor

On December 18, 2018, young Chevel Shepherd’s life changed forever. The country-singin’ star became The Voice‘s new winner after a season of fiery competitors. As plenty of plans are being set up to get Shepherd started on her first album, fans are wondering what she’s going to do with her grand prize of $100,000 that came along with her title.

A Fitting Match

While Shepherd admits she isn’t exactly sure what she’ll put the money toward, she does have one thing in mind. In an interview with PEOPLE, she spoke about her big winnings,

“Maybe a car. We had to postpone getting my permit because of The Voice so when we get back [home], I have to get it.”

When asked about her dream car, Shepherd had the perfect response.

“I would love to have a Chevelle because that’s my name. So me and my dad are probably going to get one and build a ’72 [Chevrolet] Chevelle together.”

Her Post-Show Plans

Now that the competition has come to a close, Shepherd is headed back to her home state of New Mexico with her family. Although Shepherd is looking forward to living the “normal teenager” life again, it’ll be short-lived. The young singer will soon have to make the decision of either moving to Los Angeles or Nashville to kick-start her music career. Nonetheless, Shepherd is hopeful for her future career,

“Me and Kelly are going to work on a country album, and I’m going to put it out and hopefully tour the world or go to the Grand Ole Opry. I have a lot of things I want to do.”

An Inspired Album

As far as the vibe she wants for her first album, Shepherd plans to stick with her classic country sound. She looks up to icons like Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton for inspiration.

“I just want to bring back the older country because not many people are doing that nowadays.”

The singer even expressed her interest in working on some contemporary and modern country sound as well; channeling her inner Carrie Underwood or Miranda Lambert.

In His Timing

As Shepherd is glowing with a thankful heart, she believes the timing was perfect. The young singer originally had auditioned for Season 13 of the show when Kelly Clarkson wasn’t a coach yet. As fate didn’t align for that season, time would soon reveal why. Shepherd couldn’t be more thankful for her time with Clarkson.

“God has a plan for everything. It was really cool just to get this whole experience and do it with Kelly.”

Congrats to Chevel Shepherd on her big win! The country world can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you.