Bubba J’s Antics Ruin Jeff Dunham’s Christmas Party

Jeff Dunham / YouTube

Jeff Dunham has collected an array of hysterical characters over time. Each person brings something to the table, but there is one puppet that country fans can’t get enough of.

Bubba J has a beer gut, buck teeth, and is always sporting a baseball cap. Sound like anyone you know? Well for all the rednecks out there, Bubba J is soon to be your favorite “white trash trailer park” guy. The second you see him on stage with Jeff – you know it is going to be a hoot of a time!

Jeff’s Big Christmas Party

Jeff invited Bubba J – and the other usual suspects, Peanut, Walter, Josè, and Achmed – to his Christmas dinner party. This time, Jeff decided to put up plastic around the table after last year’s incident involving a very sick Bubba J. Apparently, poor Bubba thought the horseradish was mashed potatoes!

Jeff Dunham / YouTube

Giving Thanks

As Jeff went into the kitchen to check on the turkey, each puppet went around the table to say what they were thankful for. While most were short and sweet, Bubba J’s was long-winded to say the least.

Bubba J prayed, “Dear baby Jesus, I’m thankful for my 3 dogs: Bud, Miller Light and Captain Morgan. I’m also thankful for my favorite foods: gravy, biscuits, biscuits and gravy, grits, grits and gravy, sausage gravy, and sausage gravy with biscuits and grits. But they never have to be in that order…I’m also thankful for my best friends in the whole world, Peanut, Jose, Achmed, and Jeff.”

Realizing he was left out, old man Walter tried to give Bubba J the chance to remember him but Bubba J just continued saying, “Oh what else? Beer, NASCAR, hot cousins, really hot cousins, toilets with plumbing, Febreeze body sprays, and my life coach Clyde.”

Their ‘Explosive’ Food Fight

When it was Walter’s turn to say what he was thankful for, he specifically said, “Not Bubba J.” Offended, Bubba J asked what he did and a big argument started among the puppets. The next thing you know, they’re tossing food across the table and Achmed takes out an explosive!

Jeff Dunham / YouTube

As time ticks down, Jeff returns with the turkey. Not pleased, he looks for the silver lining and says, “At least no one brought up politics.” Watch the full video below to find out what happens and let us know what you think in the comments!