Luke Bryan’s Mama Jumps After Daughter-In-Law Caroline Pranks & Scares Her

Caroline Bryan / Instagram

The Bryans Embrace Pranks For The Holidays

Nothing says “Christmas” quite like scaring your friends and family. Well, at least that’s Luke and Caroline Bryan‘s philosophy.

In 2018, the country couple participated in what they called the 12 Days of Pranskmas. Their pranks varied from silly to scary, and all were amusing to watch.

One of the best pranks was pulled by Caroline at Luke’s expense. She covered his favorite soap with some clear nail polish so it wouldn’t lather, then filmed how he reacted when he tried to take a shower.

Some Good Scares

While that prank leaned on the silly side of things, a few of the couples’ other pranks have been a bit more frightening. 

Luke managed to get Caroline good by hiding a plastic snake in their couch cushions. They also hid the snake in other places throughout the house in an attempt to scare their friends and family members.

Caroline kept the fright theme going by following people around with an air horn another day. No one was safe from the blast of her noisy air horn, not Luke, not her nephew Til, and not even her own brother.

But as Caroline explained, her brother is so used to her pranks by now that he didn’t even flinch at the sound of the air horn. The same certainly can’t be said for Luke!

Caroline Catches Her Mother-In-Law Off Guard

On the next day of Prankmas, Caroline turned to pranking a different subject…Luke’s mama LeClaire. Sticking with the sudden, loud noise theme, Caroline enlisted a little help to scare her mother-in-law with a smoke bomb prank.

While Caroline and LeClaire chatted outside, someone set a smoke bomb off in the distance. The sudden noise scared the living daylights out of LeClaire, who jumped up in fright and had a choice word to say.

She let loose even more choice words when Caroline managed to scare her a little later on with a second smoke bomb prank!

She was scared silly!

By now, LeClaire is more than used to her daughter-in-law’s pranks. It doesn’t even have to be Christmas for Caroline to attempt to scare her.

One of Caroline’s all-time greatest pranks was when she told LeClaire that the mama goose on the family farm was “friendly.” But that was a lie, and when LeClaire went out to give the mama goose some bread, she suddenly found herself being chased by one angry bird!

Just as she did when she heard the smoke bombs go off, LeClaire didn’t filter her language as she ran away from the upset mama goose. You can watch that hilarious moment below!