Dierks Bentley Attempts To Stop Daughter From Singing His Lyrics About Getting Drunk

Youtube / Chell0909 Dierks Fan

“Drunk on a Plane” singer Dierks Bentley has had a whirlwind of a career. In 2003, Dierks released his first album and hasn’t looked back since. As he gears up to go on his 2019 Burning Man Tour, he’s finishing off this year in the sweetest fashion: with the help from one of his favorite girls.


His Special Guest

While on his 2018 Mountain High Tour, Dierks took the stage for his last performance of the year. At an Oklahoma venue, the singer gave the audience a special show.

“[We have some people here] that have been to several shows on the tour. I don’t want to do the same show, I want to change things up for you guys. You make it difficult on me, but in the best way. You forced myself, forced the band, to really step it up and change it up.”

Right after he tells the fans he has a special guest coming out, his oldest daughter Evie walks out on stage. In a cute white dress and black boots, Evie hops onto the stool next to her dad. Dierks begins singing his heartfelt tune, “My Religion.” Then, Evie does the unexpected.

Youtube / Chell0909 Dierks Fan

A Stunning Surprise

Young Evie begins singing all by herself. Dierks, who is in shock, watches his daughter in awe. Evie takes the reigns as the crowd cheers her on. Dierks jokingly tries to stop Evie from singing one of the verses in the song that talks about drinking, but his 10-year-old daughter ignores him.

Youtube / Chell0909 Dierks Fan

Evie sings through the verse with her powerful vocals throwing Dierks into a state of panic while the band laughs.

Eventually, the two harmonize together calling for one stunning duet. Evie smiles the entire time, while Dierks watches her revealing how proud he is.

The cutest part? When they high-five and Evie steps down from her chair to bow for the audience.

Where It All Started

The crowd was impressed by the daddy-daughter duo especially seeing how far she’s come. In 2012, little Evie joined her dad on stage to sing his hit, “Thinking Of You.” She stole the hearts of fans everywhere. As she has grown up significantly since then, her talent only continues to grow!

Watch Dierks & Evie serenade with “My Religion.”