Chicken At Animal Sanctuary Purrs When Staff Pets It

YouTube/Manning River Farm Animal Sanctuary

First of all, who knew that a chicken would enjoy sitting in someone’s lap and getting petted? Well, this random rescue hen very much enjoys the attention of the folks over at Manning River Farm Animal Sanctuary – but when you hear the sound she makes, your jaw will drop!

Fiona, a worker at the sanctuary has been helping nurse this precious little hen back to full health after suffering an injury to her leg, so every day the two sit down together and Fiona strokes the little squawker’s feathers and scratches her head.

(Above: one of Fiona’s other loved and rehab’d clients.” 

While petting a chicken in the first place might not seem like a regular occurrence (even to farm folk) this rescue specializes in giving each animal in their sanctuary the best love and care they can – so chicken petting, it is!

Well, one day during Fiona’s time spoiling this wee hen, she started making a sound that nobody ever expected!

As Fiona rubs her fingers over the hen’s head, beak, and neck, she lets out a sound as if she’s the local farm cat getting a belly rub! Purring louder and louder, this little farm hen clearly enjoys Fiona’s attention and her eyes even close as she continues to purr like a kitten.

This is one of the funniest videos of a chicken you’ll likely see all day! And we haven’t ever seen another like it! You’d think she was raised in a box of kittens with the way she acts!

Check out Fiona and her purring chicken in the video below and let us know if you’ve ever heard a chicken purr in the comments.