Chris Stapleton Explains Reaction To Finding Out He’s Having Twins

Facebook/Today Show

Already having a full family of four, this expecting father revealed his reaction when doctors told him and wife Morgane that they were going to be welcoming two more beautiful angels into their lives.

Sitting down in a new interview on Sunday Today, Chris Stapleton and Morgane spoke openly with Willie Geist about their future, their family, and the music that has brought them together.

Just a few months ago in October 2017, the Stapletons announced that they were expecting – and an even further surprise was that they were expecting a set of twins! The lovebirds have remained somewhat mum on the subject since only explaining recently that they hadn’t decided if they’d find out the twins’ gender before they arrived.

Speaking with Geist in this recent episode, Stapleton explains what his reaction was when the doctors told them they were having twins.

“I think I laughed for about 20 minutes straight when they told us. I was just shocked. I didn’t know what else to do. … I was in shock. Shocked is the only word,” Stapleton gushed with a smile.

“It wasn’t a laugh, it was more like a giggle. He giggled for like 25 minutes,” Morgane added.

All three were laughing about his funny reaction to the news and the lighthearted nature of the interview continued on with Morgane saying that she and Chris had ultimately chosen to find out the gender of the new twins after giving in to their children’s wishes.

“They want one of each – so they each get a new buddy!” Morgane said, laughing. “The kids want to find out, so I think we’re gonna find out [the gender]. I lost that fight!”

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