Christmas Lights Synced With Luke Bryan’s ‘Run Run Rudolph’ Is Pure Magic

Troy Williams / YouTube

Is there anything that screams Christmas more than a house decked out in a sea of bright twinkling lights? This family put the rest of their neighborhood to shame with their unbelievable synchronization of their holiday lights to match the beat of Luke Bryan‘s “Run Rudolph Run.”

The house was decked out with festive colored lights, with many lawn fixtures stealing the show as they dance along flawlessly to the beat of the music.

“Run Rudolph Run” was released in 1958, and quickly made popular thanks to Chuck Berry. The song was written by Johnny Marks who was the mastermind behind the iconic story of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”

Luke Bryan took on the song in 2008, where it charted at No.42 on the Hot Country Songs chart. You can watch the unbelievably cool video below!