Copperhead Snake Gets Caught In Wheel Of Stroller Carrying 3-Month-Old

Janna McNabney / Facebook (LEFT) Alexis Simmons - Live 5 News / Facebook (RIGHT)

Janna McNabney lives in Goose Creek, South Carolina, and had a very scary run-in with a venomous copperhead snake as she was pushing her 3-month-old daughter around in a stroller.

Apparently, she and her mother-in-law was getting out of the house for a midday stroll in Brickhope Greens neighborhood. As they were walking along, all of a sudden one of the wheels became stuck on the stroller.

“I thought my wheel got stuck, so I did what we all do and push it back and forth to get it unstuck,” McNabney told Live 5 News. “Well, I saw something flopping around and found this.”

She looked down and both she and her mother-in-law were shocked to see a copperhead snake caught in the wheel of the stroller. At first, they thought the snake was trying to crawl up the stroller towards the baby so her mother-in-law quickly pulled the baby out.

Fortunately, no one was not bitten. Janna’s husband was at work during the incident so she took pictures of the snake to show him later. Her mother-in-law ended up taking care of the snake by getting it out of the stroller’s wheel and they walked home afterward, letting the snake be.

She says just last year her dog was bitten by a copperhead snake in their backyard. Janna is a veterinary technician who works at the Veterinary Specialty Care in North Charleston, South Carolina and recently passed her Veterinary Technician National Exam on March 17, 2020. She’s well aware of how to handle animals, however, this was no doubt a scary situation for her and her newborn.