Country Singer & Girlfriend Thrill Fans With Pregnancy Announcement

Josh Abbott Band Instagram

Social media ignited when one country singer revealed that him and his girlfriend were expecting a new addition to their family! Utilizing the family dog as a clever piece in their announcement, Texas Country star Josh Abbott, of the Josh Abbott Band, and his girlfriend were dimly seen behind their pup, Trigger, staring intently beyond the camera as if soaking in the news! The parents-to-be added a thought bubble beside their four-legged friend, reading, “Hmm… is it a boy or a girl?”


Blessed and excited to announce this new chapter in my life!

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Adding “Baby Abbott coming soon” to the bright image, fans swarmed with excitement as they concluded that this country star was expecting his first child! “Blessed and excited to announce this new chapter in my life!” Abbott captioned his heartwarming upload. The singer’s photo was swimming in praise and happiness, some fans even expressing their condolences for the singer’s recent loss of his father, promptly adding that good things happen in the time of hardship.

Abbott tragically lost his father in March of this year after an unexpected heart attack eventually claimed the man’s life. The singer had fans in tears as he not only sat beside his father’s hospital bed, but wrote a heartbreaking letter about losing his lifelong hero.



Despite the difficult emotions, Abbott has been blessed with incredible news and is no doubt ready to tackle this new gift that life has given him and his girlfriend! While Baby Abbott’s gender has yet to be revealed, we’re sure it is only a matter of time until fans have all the wonderful details! Congratulations to these two wonderful parents-to-be!