Country Singer Narrowly Stays On ‘Voice’ With Powerful “Amazed” Cover

YouTube/The Voice

Team Adam’s only country singer and one of two contestants left fighting for a chance to stay on the show brought forth his best work and dazzled both the coaches and the audience with an unforgettable cover of Lonestar‘s 1999 hit, “Amazed.”

Competing against a singer on Miley Cyrus‘ team, Adam Cunningham pulled out all the stops for this “Instant Save” performance, ensuring that he would be able to compete in the next round of performances.

This song was the perfect choice for Cunningham, who was stolen by Adam Levine earlier in the competition. First brought to radio waves in March 1999, Lonestar’s megahit skyrocketed to the top of the charts and easily became one of the band’s signature songs, earning its own spot in country music history.

Cunningham’s deep and raspy voice blends into the song as if it were penned just for him. Throughout the entire performance, you can tell that he had the entirety of the audience at the edge of their seats – wondering if he would make the final cut.

Watch the full video of Adam Cunningham’s performance below and let us know if you think they made the right decision.