Country Singer Reveals Frightening Details About Daughter’s Birth

Mo Pitney / Instagram

Over a year ago, country singer Mo Pitney released his highly-anticipated debut album Behind This Guitar. He wrote ten out of the twelve tracks on the album and has been praised for his traditional country sound.

Just a couple months before his album release, he and his wife Emily announced they were expecting their first child, and incorporated his song “Boy and a Girl Thing” in the pregnancy announcement.

They welcomed their daughter, Evelyn Nadine Pitney, on January 12, 2017 and couldn’t be “more thankful.” In the Instagram post announcing the birth of their daughter, Mo revealed there were “a number of scares” during the birth, but never elaborated – until now.

On her first birthday, Mo, whose full first name is Morgan, penned a social media post about his daughter, revealing just what kind of scares he and Emily faced exactly one year ago.

He shared a collage of photos of himself, Emily, and Evelyn in the hospital with the caption, “Well, 1 year ago this morning I fell asleep at midnight and woke up at 1 AM to Emily Yelling [sic] from the bathroom”babe!… MORGAN! I think my water broke” we immediately packed and took a semileisurely [sic] drive up to Carbondale Illinois… We had no clue we were walking in to an immediate emergency C-section due to a prolapsed Umbilical cord.”

He also added, “There were moments that I legitimately thought I could lose my new bride and new baby.. God was merciful. we walked out a few days later alive and healthy.”

We can’t imagine how scared Mo and Emily must have felt and are so happy that they came away from that day happy and as healthy as ever! Just two months after she was born, Evelyn made her Grand Ole Opry debut!

We wish Evelyn a very happy birthday! Watch her daddy sing “Boy and a Girl Thing” below.