Country Star Hilariously Changes Lyrics To His Hit Song And Somehow, It’s Even Better

YouTube/Bobby Bones Show

Anytime a country star stops by The Bobby Bones Show, you never really know what to expect. He has so many different bits including a new favorite, Serious Questions in Silly Costumes, which is exactly what it sounds like. Bones and a country star dress up in ridiculous costumes and he asks them pretty serious questions.

Bones is part of a comedy band called Bobby Bones and the Raging Idiots, which is why one of his better known bits is when he re-writes country hits into comedy songs and has the artist sing it.

His latest victim, if you will, was Dierks Bentley, who is currently on his Somewhere on a Beach Tour. Bones changed the lyrics to Bentley’s hit “Different For Girls”, which is about the differences in how men and women deal with heartbreak.

The parody song title “Different For Squirells”, on the other hand, is about the difference between squirrels and dogs. Clearly, this is an issue that has been on all our minds and we can’t thank Bones enough for bringing light to the situation.

Some of the changed lyrics are as follows:

“They don’t get to put a leash on and go for walks
They don’t get to do tricks and earn treats when they talk
They don’t say ‘ruff ruff ruff, scratch my tummy’
They don’t get table food, man that sounds so yummy.
It’s different for squirrels when their nuts are gone
Can’t chase the mailman, nah, or cross that lawn.”

Bones and his co-hosts giggle at a few of the lyrics and it seems as though it’s a little difficult for Bentley to get through the funny lyrics.

Watch the funny clip below!