Couple Runs From Herd Of Bison Crossing Bridge

ViralHog / YouTube

Kyleen Olson was with her family in the car riding through Yellowstone National Park when she captured on video a couple running across a bridge from a herd of bison.

ViralHog / YouTube

She said she was driving towards the bridge when she spotted the couple walking back across it to their car.

At the same time, she also spotted a cloud of dust coming from the trees and within the blink of an eye, a herd of bison came out of it and ran onto the road.

The couple realizing they were in danger began to run as fast as they could to get off the bridge and to a safe place. They were able to make it to the end of the bridge and found cover behind the railing on the right side of the bridge.

“They were nervous for sure, and jumped next to the bridge,” Kyleen told USA Today/For The Win Outdoors.

ViralHog / YouTube

Fortunately, by the time the bison caught up with them, the wild animals turned towards the other side of the bridge and ran off that way.

“The bison wanted nothing to do with them, they just wanted to cross the bridge,” Kyleen said. “I wasn’t scared. My daughter was at first since the bison were running right toward our car. They ran right next to us up the hill. It was exciting and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

Watch The Incredible Bison Footage Below