Cowboy On Horseback Lassos Runaway Steer On Busy Interstate

MSP Second District / Twitter

A runaway steer decided to take a stroll on the I-75 freeway in Oakland County, Michigan. The Michigan State Police recently released a jaw-dropping video that captured the moment the rogue cow was stopped by an unlikely hero.

It all began when troopers received a call about a “runaway cow” near Belford Road.

A team of wranglers, a bunch of modern-day cowboys and cowgirls looking like they’re straight out of the hit TV series Yellowstone, showed up to round up the unruly bovine. Armed with horses, four-wheelers, and determination, the group set out to rescue the cow and return it to the safety of the pasture.

To ensure everyone’s safety, the Michigan State Police shut down both north and southbound lanes of I-75. With the highway on lockdown, the wranglers intensified their efforts. And after what can only be described as “much tom foolery,” a cowboy on horseback came to the rescue.

With a swift swing of his lasso, he captured the daring beast and led it to safety. It was like a scene out of a country music video, except this was happening in real life.

In an interesting twist, the spirited cow had been on the loose for over a month!

It went by the name of Lester, and he sure knew how to give everyone a run for their money. Thankfully, a local organization called The Devoted Barn stepped in to assist the Michigan State Police in the unlikely adventure to rescue Lester.

They shared a heartwarming video on Facebook, expressing their gratitude for the successful capture of Lester. Now, Lester is happily back in his pen, munching away on his dinner, safe and sound.

Melissa Borden, a member of The Devoted Barn, couldn’t contain her joy and relief. She laughed as she spoke about Lester’s return, mentioning that he seemed quite content and settling back into his routine.

Watch The Cowboy Lassoing Loose Steer Lester Below