Craig Campbell’s Grandma Has Passed Away

Craig Campbell / Facebook

Craig Campbell just announced that his grandmother passed away. The country singer shared in a heartfelt Facebook post Monday, September 28, 2020, that he received a call from his niece who broke the news to him.

He started off by saying how much he’s leaning on his song “Outskirts of Heaven” during this difficult time. “When I wrote #OutskirtsOfHeaven I had no idea I would be leaning on that song like I am today” he wrote.

Campbell’s song “Outskirts of Heaven” is about is his perfect vision of the afterlife. While some people can’t wait to see big pearly gates, roads paved with gold, and a big shining city, to Campbell, his perfect picture of Heaven includes dirt roads, fields, and a river stocked with fish. In an interview, Campbell explained:

“The inspiration just came from the idea that Heaven — if you read the book of Revelation, it tells you that there’s golden streets and pearly gates and a very big city, which is not the environment I grew up in. I can’t imagine myself living in any big city, Heaven or not. So I’m excited to get to Heaven, but I feel like what I describe in “Outskirts of Heaven” is more my style.”

He concluded his post by saying that she was ready to go and her love for the Lord brings him and his family comfort.

Our hearts go out to Craig Campbell and his family.

Listen to “Outskirts of Heaven” in the video below.