Duane “Dog” Chapman Opens Up About Fiancee’s First Bounty Hunt

Dog The Bounty Hunter / Instagram

Since Beth Chapman’s passing in June 2019, the world has been closely watching her widower, famous bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman, as he mourned.

Fans were shocked to find out that less than a year after Beth died, Chapman had fallen in love again and was engaged. He and his new bride-to-be, Francie Frane, announced their engagement through an exclusive interview with The Sun. Dog popped the question in a candlelit room at his home in Colorado and Francie said it was completely unexpected.


After hearing about the way they met and first started dating in their interview with Entertainment Tonight, it’s almost as though Beth facilitated the meeting herself.

Chapman was a guest on Monday’s episode (Sept. 28) of Dr. Oz and opened up about a lot, including his improved health since meeting Frane. One thing he spoke about was the first time he took Frane on a hunt with him.

According to The Sun, the pair captured a meth dealer in Virginia. Chapman posted about it on Instagram on July 16.


Bringing Frane on this hunt with him was a no-brainer, seeing as she is an avid hunter herself. Though hunting deer and bounty hunting are vastly different, there are some similarities, which served as advantages for the duo.

“I know she’s a hunter, her and her two son’s bow hunt,” he told Dr. Oz. “They track things that the prey leaves behind. She’s kind of a natural, she just fit right in. She started getting leads and writing things down.”

He added that she’s really good at the investigation side of bounty hunting as well.

Watch him talk about it in the clip below.